Getting Started with Git

Git is a distributed source control system with growing popularity among software developers. Part of that popularity can be attributed to its powerful support for branching and merging.

One drawback to adopting Git is the relatively steep learning curve. The reason for that steep learning curve is that Git works differently than most other source control systems. Without understanding how Git works, the commands and behaviors can seem enigmatic. That's why this course focuses on not only how to perform common tasks, but also how to understand what Git is doing.

The work of this course is performed on the command line interface. While there are a number of graphical tools available, none of them supports all the features of the command line. And all of the UI clients hide some of the details that, when you are first getting started, help you understand how Git works.

Once you understand how Git works, you will be better able to use the graphical Git clients. This course will help you get started using Git.

This online learning event is comprised of articles to read, labs to participate in, videos to watch and all the time you have access to Mentors that will help you better understand Git. We estimate that the learning event will take you around 9 1/4 hrs to complete.


The following Pre-requisite knowledge is required:

An understanding of the role of source control in the software development process.


The online event consists of the following content:

  • Install the Git tools - 46 minutes 7 Activities: Article  (2)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (3)
  • Clone an existing repository - 52 minutes 6 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (1)  |  Video  (2)
  • Add files to a repository - 1 hour 16 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (5)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (2)
  • Edit files in a Git repository - 2 hours 1 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (4)
  • Create and merge branches - 1 hour 39 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (3)  |  Video  (3)
  • Rewrite history in a Git repository - 1 hour 23 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (3)  |  Lab  (3)  |  Video  (3)
  • Resolve merge conflicts - 1 hour 18 minutes 9 Activities: Article  (4)  |  Lab  (2)  |  Video  (3)


During this online learning event delegates will have access to:

  • Use Git from the command line interface
  • Share source control files with team members
  • Use Git branching and merging to manage separate threads of development